Sunday, January 25, 2009

PHP 5.3 support in PDT: 1st stage is completed

For those of you who are desperately waiting for the PHP 5.3 support in PDT - check out tommorrow's nightly build for the 2.1/HEAD branch. Here's a list of basic features that where defined for the first stage:

Choosing PHP version when creating a new PHP project...

Basic code assit for new keywords...

PHP 5.3 syntax support: syntax highlighting, no errors in Problem View; sorry for the mess - I tried to put all new language features into one PHP code snippet :-) 

The next stage will be modeling namespaces... Be prepared, DLTK...

PS: you know the address where you can report bugs, right? :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pedal for Code Assist

Following many complains about unusability of code assist in Eclipse I thought about some interesting construction... Just imaging yourself: your fingers are always free for writing code! No more embarassing CTRL+space shortcuts! Just connect your pedal to the computer, and configure it in the Eclipse preferences:

Do you think this idea can be developed? :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

On improving the PHP Inference Engine...

Just committed a new Type Inference "rule" into the PDT 2.1 branch. The following picture illustrates it better :)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

PDT 2.0 Released!

4 days ago PHP Development Tools 2.0 was released, and 20,000 of "early birds" had downloaded and started evaluating its new features. If I'd characterize this release in a few words, I'd concentrate on the following topics:
  • PHP Inference Engine: code based Completion and Navigation Engines, Type Hierarchy, Marc Occurrences, Override Indicators, and more...
  • Improved Performance and Scallability: faster startup; RAM usage is limited, irregardless how many projects are open.
  • Build Path: separate project resources from your source code.
And the most important thing is that we're really getting a lot of help from the community: people participate in the newsgroup, ask and answer questions in the IRC channel, report bugs. I really appreciate your help!