Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good bye, EclipseCon '09!

One more EclipseCon is over. A lot of new thoughts I'm taking away with me. Having a lot of "fun" with PDE builder in the past I was inspired by having a chance to learn about PDE builder wrappers: Dash Athena and Buckminster. Both projects look very interesting, though I haven't tested them yet (Buckminster should be the first one to start with due to .product file support).
I'm still under the impression of Single sourcing RCP and RAP and Runtime Riena and SOA. These give you to understand that Eclipse can be used as a platform for creating simple (or even complex) information systems very quickly. Trying both technologies is "a must", and I gonna do that in a near feature.

There where things that I'm not convinced still in their necessity. For example, who will need a Real Time Shared Editing? Don't tell me about pair programming. I'm in doubt that simultaneous typing can have some benefits. Usually, it's one who's typing and another who's staring at the code behind the shoulder. Another example - Cloud IDE Principle. It would be nice to have something like that (and the reason is NOT, since we don't want to bring source code to the local machine, and then deploy it back), but wait, is Web technology strong enough for that? People are used to rely too much on a single XMLHttpRequest... 

Anyway, it's good that world global crisis does not apply on a public interest in Eclipse. It applies on a number of free T-shirts and bags though - I'm coming back without presents...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

PHP 5.3 support in PDT - 2nd stage is over

I think picture is worth a thouthand of words (if this ain't photoshop, of course)

Just a few words more, the following bugs where fixed recently:

261816 - Add namespaces presentation into PHP Explorer.
261817 - Provide Code Assist for PHP 5.3 elements.
261818 - Provide namespace information in the Outline & PHP Explorer views.
264952 - Add USE statement automatically after inserting Code Assist proposal.

Special thanks to the Doctrine Project that provided as with a great PHP application written for PHP 5.3, which we use for testing purposes.