Monday, October 26, 2009

Optimize fetching of sources from

Did you ever try to build something from sources placed in If your .map file contains just a couple of entries - you're OK, but if there are tens of plug-ins to fetch - the mission becomes really impossible, especially during server maintenance times. I've wrote a simple Ant task, which shortens the build time twice (at least our Hudson shows so). The Ant task is invoked right after the "getMapFiles" PDE builder task, and does very simple steps:

1. Runs "rsync -az" to synchronize local CVS repository with the remote one.
2. Updates .map file to direct fetch process to the local repository.

What you need:

1. Local CVS repository (I used these steps to setup one).
2. Set-up SSH private/public keys to the, so "rsync" will work seamlessly.

May be this trick is one of CVS advantages over SVN :)

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